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Click here for a *lot* of .P files !!!!

Need more ZX81 software ....? has enough of that !

Download the complete FTP archive (updated 27-03-00) in Zip here (13,807KB)

Build your own ZX81 controlled robot:   HEBOT II  -  TrolleyBOT

NEW article: Saving Memory on the Sinclair ZX81 by Sean A. Irvine

ZX81 emulators:

Dos/Windowzzz an excellent ZX81 emulator for Windows XTender 2 (beta 13 - April 2004) - DOS XTender 1.22 (August 2001) - DOS Timex Sinclair 1000 - DOS Zx81 Emulator written in Visual Basic (can you believe it !?! ) - Windows Sort of an experimental unfinished ZX81 emulator - Windows ZX81 emulator - DOS Multi-Machine Emulates a whole range of 8 bit machines! Including of course the ZX81 - Windows
z81-0.2.tar.gz Z81 - a ZX81 emulator for VGA PCs running Linux
XZ81 - a ZX81 emulator for X
Z81TXT - a text-mode ZX81 emulator for the Linux console
zx81.hqx Eeuhhh . . . . . .
Atari ZX81 emulator that should work on all Atari computers . . .
ZX-Spectrum A wonderful ZX81 emulator that runs on the ZX-Spectrum !!!

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